Coming soon: Our second scientific paper – UAP and the demarcation problem

The Great (Strategic) Silence

There is a disconnect between science and the notion of an alien conspiracy – but growing political signals suggest the unthinkable may be true. Is it possible to reconcile such a wild notion with scientific empiricalism? And if it is true, how did science miss it? We present an academic paper that offers a potential solution.

Our Mission

“The mission of UAPBridge is to offer a credible, expanded investigatory framework that enables science to address the potential reality of strategically covert UAP, to reduce the risk to science should this indeed be true.” 

“While we believe in most cases dismissing conspiracy is eminently sensible, and a crucial part of the scientific method – we also accept that sophisticated, covert, strategic adversaries do exist (e.g. intelligence agencies, etc.). Therefore in questions that could potentially involve such entities, such as the Fermi Paradox, preemptively dismissing the possibility – as science typically does – may be unwise.

“To this end, our goal is to build on the existing scientific framework, with the hope of contributing towards a clearer understanding of how science can sensibly deal with problems involving covert, strategic adversaries, and hence contribute to the possibility of UAP in this form.

“We are scientists, and our primary aim is to maintain and strengthen science through better philosophical understanding.”

– UAP Bridge, 22 July 2023

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